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Errapel Healthcare is a Health Care Staffing Agency (HCSA) and residential healthcare services agency (RSA). We provide variety of health care staffing services as well as residential health care services for all ages. We are dedicated to providing medical, nursing and administrative services to many organizations, helping them meet their staffing needs.

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We strive for service excellency, ensuring that we provide quality services to our clients through our qualified, experienced, dependable, kind and compassionate staff who go above and beyond to serving our clients, providing individualized, holistic care specific to each client’s needs.

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From prematurely-born children to teens, our skilled and reliable nursing staff can provide the best care possible for clients/patients under 18 years old, any time needed, day or night. The Errapel Healthcare team is orientated and trained to make sure each child is kept healthy, safe, happy, and ready to take their next steps in life.